The Car Geek: May 2008

The Car Geek

Saturday, May 31, 2008

BMW M1 Hommage concept

CAR has the new issue to reveal, The BMW is preparing the M1 Hommage concept for production." We have the know-how, we have the right engine, we even have the infrastructure to build such a car,’ vows BMW board member Herbert Diess. The supercar was shot exclusively for CAR, and following interviews with BMW executives, the July issue reveals key project details including:

  • • The timetable for production
  • • The three-strong powertrain line-up
  • • The lightweight body construction
  • • The plan for ‘heron-wing’ doors, and a driver-focused, multi-layered interior
  • • And why BMW’s new supercar won’t be called M1

The head of design Adrian van Hooydonk told the CAR that the car was nothing more than a celebration of BMW design and had no plans of making production version, when the BMW released the M1 Hommage concept at the Concorso d'Eleganza 2008 di Villa d'Este. The car was revealed with no engine, no interior, and it is simply had working headlight and a steering.

According to CAR, BMW is working on the production model. “We have the know-how, we have the right engine, we even have the infrastructure to build such a car,” said BMW board member Herbert Diess.

The July issue of CAR reveals the timetable for production, and why the car won't be called the M1 and the powertrain line-up. . Supposedly the lightweight body construction with ‘heron-wing’ doors will be driver focused with a multi-layered interior. It is expected to go head-to-head with the Audi R8.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Defective pumps overcharge customers as fuel prices soar

Every one of us could be in store for a sharp increase in vehicle costs as auto manufacturers are oblige to transact with adverse exchange rates, increasing raw material rate and new fuel-economy and productions rules. These issues are growing cost pressures on car producers and it shows the trouble will expected be passed on to purchasers.

As fuel rates persist to skyrocket to record highs, many consumers are ever more keeping cautious of just how much they are paying at the loading station or pump. However, latest information in the U.S. asserts defective fuel pumps can be partially responsible for the higher cost of fuel and customers are being overpriced with no further notice.

This trouble is approximately happens to some rural places where older loading stations have just kept on using their original and old pump. The stations’ minor sales amount and low income limits mean improving or changing the pumps with latest products that can hold the higher prices is almost not possible. A new pumps price is between $10,000 and $15,000 apiece, while upgrading cost over $650 for every pump.

A momentary answer for this problem has done, called ‘half pricing’, is permissible in some places. The procedures engage posting the price of half a gallon of fuel, and after that, doubling-up the sum shown on the pump after loading.

This isn’t the first time the crisis has take place, on the other hand. In 2005, the jump past $3 per gallon led a lot of stations to improve or change their pumps with meters capable of $3.999. The upgrade was quite limited, and now lots of of those holders are experiencing very similar circumstances again and again.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ford - A cheerful situation for a turnaround

As several cheering marks begin to become known from Ford Motor's turnaround tactics, a lot of the credit is probably go to Mark Fields (president of Ford Motor Co.) Also known as the “The Leading Man”.

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Ford Motors proclaimed $100 million earnings in the quarter, although sales lagged General Motors and Toyota. I think Ford as a totally underrated corporation that at last is manufacturing first-rate vehicles, in many places around the globe, moreover, I don't believe expensive gasoline costs will have greatly outcome on the turnaround.

Ford's continuing Way Forward improvement preparation - with full-year profitably assurance for coming 2009 - has become face-to-face into a trade and industry slump that has effect sales all over the industry.

Soaring gas prices have caused purchasers to insist many small cars, which are worse profitable in all compare to the large SUV’s that have influenced Ford's incomes for long time. Its upcoming brand-new small car model, Fiesta, won't arrive to public in the USA until 2010.

If the profitable quarter keeps on going, Ford Motor for this time is promoting for merely 14 times next year's profits. With incomes about to $40 billion in the quarter, a business person who is smart and high-personality definitely might cut the fat as of that as well as reverse a profit, and that is precisely what turnaround expert CEO Alan Mulally is doing.

I'm pleased that citizens and the stock market at last understand that Ford is creating a brilliant product. Ford has been for many years but in reality they seem to have gotten it as one now. Cars are lastly receiving as much consideration as trucks and it confirms.