The Car Geek: Car Shoppers Still Not Convinced With Diesel

The Car Geek

Monday, January 28, 2008

Car Shoppers Still Not Convinced With Diesel

A study done by Kelley Blue Book’s marketing research team was recently concluded and the results showed something quite interesting. A small number of new vehicle shoppers have disclosed that they still are not convinced with diesel being a good source of fuel with only 6% believing in diesel.

The study continued to disclose these facts:

  • 40% of the respondents still go for hybrids
  • 20% are for hydrogen fuel cells
  • 17% would rather have flexible fuel systems

Consumers interested in hybrid vehicles still continue to bloom and this simply means that the need for BMW parts made specifically for hybrids would also go higher. Also, consumers who took part of the KBB study said that they still look at diesel engines as the dirty and noisy ones. It looks like no matter how good the new diesel engines are marketed, it would take quite a while before shoppers get the idea that these engines are no longer like the old ones.

Jack Nerad is the executive market analyst and the executive editorial director for KBB and on the study, he disclosed via The Auto Channel, “Many automakers are looking toward diesels as a very workable solution for the future, especially in light of the recently passed energy bill, but the results of this study should give them pause and make them realize they need to do a better, more thorough job of winning over the American consumer.”