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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On the Right Track

I'm not sure if you'll agree with this: For humans, beauty and power define greatness but for cars it's in the quality and safety. Later, we'll analyze what humans and cars have in common. For now, let's focus on the latter.

Kia Motors is now gaining a good reputation for advocating those two points - quality and safety, authorities of the car industry revealed to This happened after the car manufacturer earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Top Safety Pick Award for 2008. Kia vehicles were among the 34 awardees that received the institute’s recognition.

Good publicity for its latest special edition called the cee'd SR Spectacular that features front electric windows, USB port, 5 doors, CD and MP3 player with 6 speakers, 16" alloys, air-conditioning and 6 airbags earned various positive comments.

Autocar remarked, "This is the car that will shift Kia into the big league and challenge Europe's leading hatches." Stylish and sporty, this new Kia car was designed in Europe and was made in Slovakia.

According to What car?, "Kia's light, responsive steering makes it nimble a around town and feels assured when pushed on country roads."

The quality of a car steering has a great effect on the value of your ride. It's a good thing that Kia vehicles have an electronic stability control (ESC) designed to provide comfort and protection to drivers. Through sensors and a microcomputer, a vehicle's response to the driver's steering input is being monitored thus enabling it to apply the vehicle brakes as well as modulate engine power that keep the vehicle traveling in accordance with the steering wheel position's path.

Yet, even a Kia steering is not free from steering failure. If it does, an water pump may offer a solution. A car's water pump is responsible for fluid circulation as the engine runs.

As many as 10,000 fatal crashes can be avoided annually if all vehicles will be equipped with ESC, said Institute President Adrian Lund. With car manufacturers like Kia Motors committed to their consumers' safety, the car industry is on the right track towards greatness. By the way, I forgot to tell you, LATER for me means an hour OR a decade-worth of wait - it depends on my mood. Anyway, you may proceed with your own analogy.