The Car Geek: Legend's Birthday Blowout

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Legend's Birthday Blowout

When it comes to high performance vehicles, it is hard to leave the name Carroll Shelby out. According to The Auto Channel: "Carroll Shelby dominated sports car racing in the mid-1950s, twice being named Sports Car Illustrated’s "Driver of the Year". His crowning achievement came in 1959, when he won the 24 Hours of Le Mans."

Amy Boylan, president of Shelby Automobiles which Carroll Shelby founded had this to say: "Carroll Shelby is an American hero who changed the face of automotive performance. We’re going to kick off a year long celebration of this amazing man’s life with a serious party. Working with Team Shelby, we’ll throw a party Carroll’s way with lots of ways for enthusiasts to enjoy their cars. It will be one of the single most important events of 2008 for Shelby fans."

The Auto Channel further narrates:

"After he retired from racing in 1960 due to a heart ailment, Carroll Shelby began a new chapter in his career. In 1962, he forged a relationship with Ford Motor Company that created performance magic. Attracting talented individuals from California’s aerospace and hot communities, as well as tapping the resources of Ford, he founded Shelby American to create the legendary Cobra sports car.

"In 1965, Ford asked Shelby to turn its new Mustang into a dominant muscle car. Over the next four years, the Shelby team put Mustang at the pinnacle of the performance world with the Shelby G.T.350 and Shelby G.T.500. The relationship also resulted in a limited edition Shelby GT350-H with Hertz Rental Cars in 1966."

Performance enthusiasts also know that cars manufactured by Shelby are as reliable and as durable as Acura mufflers.