The Car Geek: The R8 Dominates

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The R8 Dominates

The face of the future is here, courtesy of the Audi R8! Automobiles will never been the same again… this is the beginning of the revolution of premium cars. Oh yeah, radiators are totally smokin’. Anyway, much has been said about the R8 - it’s perfect, right? All the best words that you can say about the vehicle have been brought up already. Anyway, I just want to add another R8 highlight. The Audi R8 just earned the 2008 Automobile of the Year from Automobile Magazine. Whew, this ride is definitely a winner!

Here are some quotes which I got from my source:

“The R8 absolutely captivated the automotive world this past year. It propels Audi into a whole new league of driving dynamics, and it emphatically caps Audi’s steep ascent from the somnambulant lull in which it languished in the early 1990s. The R8 is a thrilling new sports car from a company that’s stronger than it’s ever been,” says Jean Jennings, President and Editor-in-Chief of Automobile Mag.

“We honor the designers and the engineers who have so perfectly realized a truly civilized grand touring coupe. It is far more comfortable than cars of equal performance, and it features a highly focused environment for the driver but a relaxed and more open space for the passenger,” says Design Editor Robert Cumberford.