The Car Geek: Another Safety Study Held At The GreenRoad

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Another Safety Study Held At The GreenRoad

Looks like the car industry is very much concerned about the safety of kids on the roads so much so that they are conducting studies to further access the different factors that could control accidents encountered by teens. GreenRoad Technologies, Incorporated, the well renowned leader in driver safety technologies, was announced to be collaborating with AAA Colorado and has selected the GreenRoad Safety Center for their study that could help improve the safety of teen drivers on the road. Six months testing will allow the study staff to install the Safety Center on 200 AAA Colorado member teen drivers' cars. This will help them identify the different behaviors and mannerisms of these teens during driving that could lead to accidents.

AAA Colorado's goal is to promote driving safety among parents and teens by providing a tool that shows how teens are driving but "does not invade their privacy or monitor where they are driving” as reported by The Auto Channel, where you can also get information about car parts like Acura TL parts.

"AAA Colorado offers programs to ensure that new teen drivers are operating their vehicles as safely as possible. Through our partnership with GreenRoad, we hope to change teen driving behavior and ultimately reduce teen road accidents and fatalities," said AAA spokesperson, Eric Escudero.

The Safety Center will be using a sensor in order to identify the driver’s skills and safety in five categories:

  • speed
  • braking
  • acceleration
  • lane-handling
  • turning

The sensor will automatically identify any wrong move that the driver has executed and it will make the driver understand the mistake he did. Moreover, complete driving sessions will also be viewed using a webcam to show all the safety levels and detailed information on areas that need improvement.

The divers were given ratings through color coding:

  • green (safe)
  • yellow (moderate)
  • red (aggressive)

Dan Steere, GreenRoad Chief Executive Officer, said, "Statistics show that car accidents are the leading cause of deaths for teens in the United States. Now technology is making it possible for us to see risky driving behavior and change it before an accident occurs. GreenRoad's mission, in partnership with AAA, is to help teens and parents take action that can ultimately save lives."