The Car Geek: More Vehicle Data for New U.S.News Car Rankings Website From Chrome Systems

The Car Geek

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More Vehicle Data for New U.S.News Car Rankings Website From Chrome Systems

Chrome Systems, Inc. Are you familiar with this name? If not, let me give you a short description… Chrome Systems Inc. is an industry leader in collecting, enhancing, and distributing best-in-class automotive data like info on the performance exhaust and all other automotive stuff. Got it?

Anyway, according to, Chrome Systems has announced a joint venture with U.S. News Rankings & Reviews to bring out vehicle pricing, fuel economy data, and configuration services for the automotive class of its newest Internet site which you can now visit at This site is designed to sanction consumers to make the mainly informed vehicle buying decisions by presenting standings and meta-reviews. offers consumers with vehicle design, research, and pricing tools, made possible by Chrome.

“Having Chrome information on our website complements our car rankings with the pricing, specifications, and options information that consumers need to find the best vehicle for them," says Chad Smolinski, the Vice President of U.S. News Rankings & Reviews.

"We are extremely pleased to be partnering with U.S.News Rankings & Reviews to deliver comprehensive and accurate vehicle information for the best buying decisions. For over 20 years the automotive industry has depended on Chrome to deliver the most accurate, timely, and detailed vehicle data. We're proud that through this new partnership we can reach more consumers and help them easily and quickly research and build vehicles to meet their lifestyle needs," says Peter Batten, Chrome Systems General Manager.