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Friday, November 23, 2007

It’s Car Shopping Time For Burglars!

While you’re busy shopping for gifts and other items, burglars have their own way of shopping as well… They’ll take all your stuff such as cell phones, groceries and other valuable stuff inside your unattended car. The holidays provide an easy access to burglars to do the thing their good at - and that is stealing of course! They have the skills to open whatever car in sight. Even your Acura car with a secured Acura vent visor can be their easy target!

According to, a vehicle is robbed in Texas with its valuables stolen every 2 1/2 minutes. Apparently, these felonies go up during this season when shopping raises and drivers don't take the required safety measures to secure their valuable items left in their vehicle.

"We know that auto burglars scout mall and other large parking lots, waiting for the opportunity to break into a vehicle. Within seconds, they take your items, your identity, and, oftentimes, your car. Texas drivers need to understand that their careless actions actually help auto burglars and thieves do their job better," says Susan Sampson, the director of the Texas Automobile Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority (ABTPA).

The Texas ABTPA provides three essential safety tips to motorists to avoid these crimes all through out the holidays and all year round: Hide your stuff from sight and lock your vehicle and get the keys. Burglars stole almost 100,000 cars in Texas last year. Approximately half of those victims left the keys inside their vehicles.

Judy Razo was one of the victims, and she thought she made the correct safety measures when she made sure to lock her car after parking it on a hectic street.

"I left one of my bags in sight in the back seat and not only did the burglars break my window, they stole my bag, which had my cell phone, money, credit cards and about $3,000 worth of camera equipment," said Razo. "When they took my belongings, they also stole my identity."

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