The Car Geek: Toyota Motor Corporation Reveals Another Plug-in for France

The Car Geek

Monday, September 10, 2007

Toyota Motor Corporation Reveals Another Plug-in for France

The leader in making quality hybrid cars is now making a new wave in another car market. The Toyota Motor Corporation, the maker of the famous Prius, is now making another breakthrough. This time the new product is not going to be sent to the US car market, nor to Japanese car market. Now, the Asian famous fast growing car maker is venturing to France and it is building a new plug-in hybrid for the French car market.

The news was from According to the one among the most reputable sources of car information, Jiji Press reported that Toyota is cooperating with France's state-owned power supplier EDF in the test of the plug-in vehicles for the French car market. After two years of perfecting these four new plug-in gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, the collaboration between the two famous companies will bring the test on the road of the French capital. This is to identify the effectively of the plug-in in terms of recharging as well as the billing systems of hybrid cars.

After the tests done in the European car market, the Japanese car maker is planning to launch the particular plug-in car, according to the car maker’s officials.

The wide-area billing system of the EDF made the Toyota Motor Corporation decide to go in partner with the company in France.

Toyota has always been successful in every plan they made. In terms of quality, their car parts may not be as expensive as the Mercedes Benz vent visor but the Japanese car maker always make it a point that every car they make is of great excellence and quality. Hybrid cars may have been started by the Honda Motor Corporation but Toyota has perfected hybrid technology with the existence of its Toyota Prius. This was proven because of the numerous amounts of award that the vehicle has received because of it real time fuel efficiency.