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Friday, September 28, 2007

The New Pricing Program from the Total Parts Plus

I visited the official website of Total Parts Plus hoping to find the best deal on Dodge shocks but I was surprised when I found something even better. Total Parts Plus Incorporated has developed a new Value Pricing Program that will sure favor the practical needs of their clients. Under the new program, the customers can avail of the newest offers of Total Parts Plus in terms of budget-friendly services which does not have extra fees for those who avail of the program. This will definitely attract more clients to avail the new program.

I was able to find about this content on the New Pricing Program of Total Parts Plus on Here, take a few minutes learning the new program. The Parts Plus Content Tracker provides:

  • Complete BOM/AVL management for obsolete components
  • Identification of No-Lead components
  • Daily PCN/PDN Alert Service for obsolescence and material changes
  • Lifecycle forecasting and alternate component sourcing - Manufacturing Process Information (MSL and Reflow Temperature)
  • Lead finish analysis and reporting for entire BOM/AVL
  • RoHS compliance data and reporting in IPC-1752-2 format
  • Full material disclosure per JIG-101 A and B
  • Reliability information JESD 201 (Tin Whisker Management)
  • Manufacturer Datasheets and suggested replacement parts
  • 100% coverage of your BOM/AVL

These are the content of the new pricing program on the Total Parts Plus. This seeks to provide the customers with more services based on the customer’s budget. So, they don’t have to spend much on services without paying too much. The program also allows complete access to the online site Parts Plus Content Tracker which manages 100% of the customer’s electronic components.

The Total Parts Plus is an engineering services company which provides management as well as environmental compliance solutions in the web-based products forms as well as custom engineering services. This is also according to

The Chief Executive Officer of Total Parts Plus Keith Biggs was also quoted saying, "We are very excited to offer this cost saving solution to our customers. Companies, whether large or small, require a solution for RoHS compliance and obsolete components which is both affordable and inclusive.”