The Car Geek: Jay Leno With The BMW Hydrogen 7!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jay Leno With The BMW Hydrogen 7!

Jay Leno, not only the lively and comic host of the most watched program, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - he is one hell of a car collector! Several of the rarest vehicles lie in Jay Leno’s garage! And oh, if you want to get familiar with these cars, just visit his site on! Anyway, talking about Jay Leno’s collection with his unlimited supplies of wholesale auto parts, the Emmy-winning comedian and host will add another great vehicle to his line-up of vehicles! He will soon hit the road with the BMW Hydrogen 7 - the first hydrogen-powered luxury sedan!

The news was published on yesterday. According to this featured story, BMW has handed down the keys to a brand new BMW Hydrogen 7 to Jay Leno, the newest owner of this one of a kind hybrid car next to actor Will Ferrell and other known personalities as announced by BMW Company. The host is very much excited to shelter his brand new car under his infamous garage in Burbank, California!

"As an avid car enthusiast I'm always interested in the future of automotive technology. With the BMW Hydrogen 7 I can experience all the fun and great features of a performance car, yet know that I'm being environmentally friendly at the same time! I look forward to driving the Hydrogen 7 and learning more about hydrogen as a fuel for our future," says Jay Leno with immense energy and excitement.

Jay utilizes a massive steam and natural gas engines from the 19th century to efficiently decrease his energy needs in his "green garage”. Leno changed his garage into a self-reliant power station. There is no reason why a garage full of old cars can't be environmentally responsible according to Jay - even if it means having to go back more than a century for the technology. Jay is dedicated to the improvement of his almost 20,000-sq.-ft. garage with the hottest environmentally friendly shop equipment and products. He is also working with professionals in an array of fields to study his garage's energy use and planned alternative energy systems. Now, he is setting an example by driving the BMW Hydrogen 7!

The BMW Hydrogen 7 basically discharges nothing but water vapor when running in hydrogen mode, on behalf of a significant step in decreasing destructive CO2 emissions. The Hydrogen 7 is not a concept car but it is a production model vehicle that has effectively completed the entire Product Development Process. It is believed to be a major milestone in bringing up hydrogen as the sustainable fuel for individual transportation despite the fact that the BMW Hydrogen 7 is not for sale yet.

It is expected that hydrogen will replace petroleum as the long-term alternative to fossil fuel according to BMW. They also hope that Hydrogen 7 will play a ground-breaking part in driving forward the hydrogen technologies that will guarantee our mobility in the next years to come.