The Car Geek: Chrysler and Ford Joined Forces?

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Chrysler and Ford Joined Forces?

Let’s not talk about Volvo 940 parts or about the Saab clutch in this new post. It’s because I have something even fascinating stuff than these awesome parts that we usually talk about.

I’m talking about Chrysler and Ford teaming up for something. So what about it? The two popular companies joined forces and they signed up as the newest member of the United States Climate Action Partnership (USCAP) on its second expansion. On the span of only six months, the organization has enlisted 23 of the world’s biggest groups and six of the world’s most influential non-government organization. The wide cross-section division personified by USCAP is being honored by the most recent members and it is a strengthened call for the federal government to promptly act out legislation that comprises of the mandatory decrease of greenhouse gas emissions.

"Now is the time for advancing a national approach to climate change where all of us - individuals, industry and government - take action toward reducing emissions of greenhouse gases," declared Tom LaSorda, the President and CEO for the Chrysler Group. "We are proud to be an active member with USCAP in the development of climate policy that addresses energy use and emissions from all sectors of the U.S. economy, and ultimately drives increased energy efficiency. And we look forward to working with the USCAP members in formulating a system to control greenhouse gas emissions in a way that not just addresses the supply of energy-efficient products and commodities, but also spurs demand for them."

"We are pleased to join USCAP at a critical stage in the conversation on climate change, energy consumption and environmental protection. We all recognize it is time for action. Ford has long supported the six major principles of USCAP, including recognizing the importance of technology and the need to be environmentally effective. We have been actively developing a range of advanced technology vehicles to address the climate change issue," said Alan Mulally, the President and CEO of the Ford Motor Company.

USCAP issued its solutions-based report last January 2007. A proposal layout for an economy-wide project is entitled “A Call for Action” and it is a market driven cap-and-trade program. The commendation stood for in the report is based on the following six key principles:

  • Account for the global dimensions of climate change;
  • Recognize the importance of technology;
  • Be environmentally effective;
  • Create economic opportunity and advantage;
  • Be fair to sectors disproportionately impacted; and,
  • Recognize and encourage early action.