The Car Geek: AC Schnitzer makes the MINI car Blue

The Car Geek

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

AC Schnitzer makes the MINI car Blue

AC Schnitzer has been a BMW performance specialist for a long period of time and now he is giving more attention on the new R56 MINI Cooper S. Now, the new bomber car is wearing a blue exterior paint job. Not only that, the new car also received more upgrades which was made possible and available by hitching a Nordschelife-developed racing suspension which was also combined with a spring kit - the latter is made available separately. This time, the MINI is more athletic and is presenting itself with a new dynamic level.

AC Schnitzer can also give more power to the breathing exhalation side over adding up a new sports muffler face with a chromed double-tip. As you can see, the new small car receives more upgrades like new spoilers, new skirting as well as a decal/stripe package which will be available as an owner choice. These car upgrades are added to its new hatchback look far different from its predecessor.

Drivers and car owners are can also cap things off by selecting alloy wheels as well as interior trim enhancements which can add up to its personal tastes. All these upgrades are coming from AC Schnitzer.