The Car Geek: Real-Life Pirate Adventure Setback Volvo Treasure Retrieval

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Real-Life Pirate Adventure Setback Volvo Treasure Retrieval

The world’s most popular treasure hunt was done earlier this year with $50,000 and a brand new Volvo that comes with enormous parts like the Volvo power steering pump and Volvo heater core as the first prize. They had a successful year last 2006 together with Disney, so they are strong-willed to do it again.

The hunt was a collaboration of Volvo and Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. They placed 50,000 dollars worth of gold and a key to a Volvo car into a casket waiting for someone out there in the world to win the prize.

For this edition, there were 22 countries that battled up for the said event as compared to last year with only 5 countries competing for the prize. It was a four week online escapade on the “high seas” where the contenders answered a series of puzzles online.

One of the requirements for them was to go over a global retailer for the special decoder. That special decoder assisted the consumers to go online and solve the puzzles. And Alena Zvereva from Russia won the treasure.

It has been said that the treasure hunt, aside from it was their way of helping out for the promotion of the recent movie of Johnny Depp and Disney (The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End), was also for the protection of life and conservation of life. It is also one way for the company to let people be attached with the vehicle. It’s about marketing but more of letting customers relate with the vehicle and understand the brand better.

For this year, the hunt became bigger, more fun, more global, and more adventurous and exciting. And what a total spice for it really turned out to be a real-life adventure!

Eureka! Odyssey Marine Exploration, Volvo's Hunt partner found real-life wealth under the waves that led to the delay of the retrieval of the Zvereva treasure. Odyssey was in charge of submerging the treasure and make it a genuine and thrilling hunt. They planned to take Zvereva to the location when they met this exceptional hitch - FORTUNE! But it all turned to be a misfortune when the media followed it up.

The real treasure was discovered somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean with a code name 'Black Swan’. The treasure has an estimated amount of $500 million worth of coins. But Odyssey doesn’t want to make public the exact site of the Black Swan for security purposes and, at the same time, due to the agreement they have with Volvo as per not revealing any piece of information.

There are reports that a Spanish court ordered the Spanish Guardia Civil to arrest every Odyssey ship setting Volvo's recovery plans. But then The Hunt winner will be given the same price as promised but then Volvo is determined to retrieve the treasure that truly belongs to the company.