The Car Geek: New Website Aims Safe and Secured Driving for Riders

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Friday, June 08, 2007

New Website Aims Safe and Secured Driving for Riders

Of course, we all need to drive safely and securely, right? And a new website is aiming to make Britain’s road the safest track for car drivers. The website is targeting riders’ and drivers’ behavior to improve and this site was launched by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)., the website for the RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders, will not only provide different comprehensive information about driving safety but will also give pieces of advice to motorists about secured driving and advance driving techniques.

"Whatever the weather, whatever the conditions, know you are in control."

This is the tagline of the new website. It aims to increase all the road users’ awareness and to also educate them on how to be a member of the local RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders group in their area. The group will be performing advanced tests that will be held for all the road drivers. Participants would be given knowledge on how to stay safe and secure on the road while driving.

According to the latest study, 66% of the on-road accidents on Britain’s roads are coming from errors and reactions of both drivers and riders as well as the inability to swing over and to look over properly. Over speeding and going too fast on hazardous conditions also causes 28% of the accidents. While 25% of the whole lot come from inexperienced driving malpractices.

RoSPA’s Head of Road Safety, Kevin Clinton, said, "In 2005, 3,201 lives were lost on Britain's roads. RoSPA believes a greater focus on safer driving is key to reducing this toll.”

He added, "Most motorists think they are both safer and more skilful than the average road user, yet the statistics show that human error is a major cause of accidents."

RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders’s Development Officer, Emma Middleton, said, "It is all too easy to develop poor driving or riding habits without realising. For this reason, RoSPA encourages all road users to consider some kind of refresher training. RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders groups, which exist across the country, provide a valuable opportunity for motorists to develop their skills. They help people prepare for an advanced driving test, whether it has been many years since they passed their original test or just a matter of months. We hope the new website will inspire and assist existing group members as well as others who are looking to increase their safety and enjoyment on Britain's roads."

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