The Car Geek: Watch out for the Dodge Fantasticar!

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Watch out for the Dodge Fantasticar!

One fantastic automotive piece of engineering from Chrysler Group's Dodge brand!

We all know that Dodge manufactures commercial and high-performance vehicles with quality auto parts. But recently, Dodge announced their newest creation exclusively for the Fantastic Four members. Well, not for the actors who portrayed their super hero role in the film but for the real film characters, namely Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), The Thing (Benjamin "Ben" Jacob Grimm), Invisible Girl (Susan "Sue" Storm), and The Human Torch (Johnathan "Johnny" Storm).

Are you starting to figure out what I am talking about? Well, maybe you are right. The Fantasticar, the latest vehicle from Dodge will be featured in the upcoming 20th Century Fox film entitled Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, which will be released on theaters all over the world starting in June 15. If you cant wait to see the vehicle, go to your nearest cinemas beginning in May 12 to see the premiere of Dodge ads featuring the Fantasticar.

According to Michael Curmi, Senior Manager – Entertainment Marketing, Chrysler Group: "Opportunities to be involved with the cultural icon like the Fantasticar don’t come around very often, so we jumped at the chance to work with Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox. Dodge is a great American car brand teaming up with a great American superhero team. We both have great heritage that appeal to people around the world, so it was only natural for us to partner on this new Fantastic Four movie with the debut of the ultimate superheroes vehicle."

To give you a brief description about the Dodge Fantasticar, the vehicle can reach a stunning top speed of 550 mph with an altitude of 30,000 feet (yes! it can fly!). The Fantasticar also features some of the signature Dodge design cues like the crosshair grille, the ram logo on the front fascia and seat headrests, and Dodge name on the vehicle's front fascia. The Fantasticar also features deployable wings and unique headlights, which you can't just replace with conventional apc lights.

Mark Spencer, Senior Manager – Dodge Brand Communications, Chrysler Group also commented: "The Dodge brand is always looking forward to new bold design directions, so it is inspiring to see the Fantasticar with the Dodge brand’s signature crosshair grille and Ram’s head logo in a completely futuristic vehicle. We hope people around the world have as much fun watching the Fantasticar as Dodge Marketing is having promoting the out-of-this-world vehicle."

In relation with the upcoming film, a Dodge Fantasticar version will be head on to the Lowe's Motor Speedway later this May for the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series' Coca-Cola 600. NASCAR driver Elliott Sadler will pilot his new No. 19 Fantasticar Dodge Charger featuring design cues similar to the Fantasticar on the film. This will draw the attention of the numerous NASCAR fans in the event, so better watch out for it.

Check out Mike Accavitti, Director – Dodge Brand and SRT Marketing and Communications ha to say: "The No. 19 Fantasticar Dodge Charger is a great new look for Elliott’s car, and we expect his race car’s performance will rival that of the Fantasticar in the movie Our motorsports program is an integral part of Dodge’s overall marketing strategy, and with the Fantasticar Dodge Charger, we’re able to generate further awareness and interest with both general consumers and NASCAR fans."