The Car Geek: Mazda Sporting Greener Vehicles

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mazda Sporting Greener Vehicles

Mazda Hydrogen Hybrid

Ford is not focusing much on making green cars so Mazda decided to stand up straight being the leader in terms of making small eco-friendly cars. Mazda will pursue its plans to be greener in the next years to come. The Japanese car maker will do efforts like doing research and improving their knowledge about perfecting the construction of greener cars.

Of course, to continue the efforts, Mazda needs a bulk of budget to pursue the greener plan. Nikkei announced on a release that Mazda allotted $4.2 billion in making their greener plans come to life. However, according to its President Hisakazu Imaki, they could not identify which technology is going to be prioritized. Instead, they will focus on making small cars with environment friendly features as the first segment of Ford to do it. The Mazda cold air intake should be available on the car to improve its performance.

Mazda also have several options on their plans to make green cars. First on the line is the pipeline that includes the hybrid-electric vehicle that also uses hydrogen using systems. The car maker said it will be available next year. Of course, they would still do the diesel-propelled vehicles as an option in the decades to com.

I just found out that Mazda is not using Taylor cable on their car. What’s the Taylor cable anyway?