The Car Geek: Kia Surprise: The Picanto Style

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kia Surprise: The Picanto Style

“Life is colorful with Picanto”. This was the statement asserted by Kia Motors Corporation as they launched the all-new 2007 Kia Picanto. What colors would it bring to new car buyers? The Picanto, one of the promising quality cars of Kia, has brought the cutest surprise in the auto industry today. Yes, we were amused and surprised by this mini car from Kia which opened our eyes and realized that this company really has the power to surprise! With the Picanto, driving Kia vehicles will never be the same again.

I’m quite familiar with this car because I’ve seen it around the city. With the new selection of Kia cars including the Picanto, I think we are looking closely at the future right now and this is the biggest bomb dropped by Kia so far. Boom! Surprise! It is obvious on Picanto’s styling that Kia has evolved into something we can call “premium”. When I checked the Picanto’s specifications and features yesterday right after I finished working on my Volvo struts and Volvo spoiler, I realized that the Picanto has a lot to offer to new car buyers but it still has the same quality everyone is looking for in a vehicle.

You better check some of the Picanto’s features and specification, and I’ll never doubt if you’ll be surprised too!

  • Engine type: 1.1 Gasoline/incline 4 cylinders
  • Maximum engine speed (rpm): 6000
  • Fuel Injection system: Multi-point
  • Camshaft and Valve System: SOHC (12 valves)
  • Cooling system: water liquid


  • Clear lens-type headlamps incorporated with large turn signals
  • AM/FM radio
  • MP3 player/CD player
  • Keyless entry with burglar alarm
  • Rear seat tilting and vertically adjustable headrests
  • Power and stilt steering
  • Seat warmer
  • Luggage net