The Car Geek: Ford’s New Mustang

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ford’s New Mustang

Ford maybe closing its doors when it comes to producing one of its luxury car subsidiaries - the Jaguar. It was announced just recently by Ford’s Chief Executive Officer Alan Mullaly about his plan that would not pursue the production of the Jag. This may be the end for Jaguar but it does look like there are some new surprises coming up from Ford.

Ford is ready to reveal another powerful car model under the Mustang trimmings. I am talking about the Shelby Super Snake - the next generation Mustang that propels with an amazing set of powertrain parts capable of producing 600 horsepower.

Under the Caroll Shelby guidance, the new model is called the Shelby Super Snake. The new car model is set with a huge horsepower that can be made and given options like additional 725 horsepower. Imagine how powerful it is. The new 600 horsepower vehicle will be powered by 590 lbs-ft of torque as a whole package, which is also an option from the GT500. This one will also be covered by a warranty.

But what about the 725 horsepower version? Well, it’s too powerful to be produced just that easily. The new car model will be out early in 2008 or maybe late 2007.

These are the current line up of the new Mustang super models you will see on the car market.

  • Shelby GT with 319 hp
  • Shelby Cobra GT500 with 500 hp
  • Shelby GT500KR with 540 hp
  • Shelby GT500 Super Snake with 600 to 725 hp

The prices and specifications for these will be announced soon. So let’s keep guard.