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Monday, May 07, 2007

BMW: Most Wanted

I think most of us would agree that the most wanted car today is from BMW. had surely agreed to that statement because they bestowed the award for the “Most Wanted” car of 2007 to BMW Company. BMW owners should be very proud of this spectacular recognition knowing that the award was given by the most trusted and the top internet source of information about consumer automotives.

The company must be feeling very lucky today because they know their car is a “must have”! The “Editor’s Most Wanted” award was given to the 2007 BMW 3 series sedan which cam be bought under the price of $35,000, while under the $60,000 mark, the “Editors’ Most Wanted” award was given to the 2007 5 Series.

All the results for this special set of awards was announced last April 24, 2007 at Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. It is proven that BMW doesn’t only excel in making splendid auto body parts, but in all the aspects in creating a car with the most wanted auto performance!

The Edmunds editors’ words when they declared the 9th annual “Editors’ Most Wanted”: “We eat, breathe and dream automobiles, and in many instances, this love for the car overruled common sense during our selection process. But that's the great thing about the Editors' Most Wanted list: it's guided by passion, not science (much like the majority of car purchases). The result of our voting is a list of cars and trucks we’d want in our own garages”.

In distinguishing the 3 Series award, said: “…endowed with world-class suspension, steering and brake components, these cars have an ability to communicate with their drivers that is unmatched in the entry-level luxury class and, indeed, unmatched by most cars at any price.”

For the 5 Series award, the editors had something to share. Tom Purves, the Chairman and CEO of the BMW (US) Holding Corp., had something to express as well: “The BMW 5 Series has always impressed us with its luxury trappings in a true driver's car. No matter which engine you choose, you'll get a sedan that feels rock solid on the highway and nimble through tight turns. The 5 Series may not have every luxury feature imaginable, but it has all the features that count to us. We at BMW are committed to creating products that arouse passion and these outstanding accolades from the editors of are evidence of our success.”