The Car Geek: The Roush F150 Pickup Powered With Propane

The Car Geek

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Roush F150 Pickup Powered With Propane

Roush F150 pickup truck

This is going to be the very first F150 pickup that is going to come using propane. And yes, this Roush F150 pickup is going to use the advanced liquid propane injection (or the LPI) system for an even better performance. This vehicle also does use a 5.4 liter V8 engine with three valves that gets power from gasoline.

According to the manufacturer, they are already taking in orders. That is if you are interested in this one. I believe once you do order for the vehicle right now, you can have it delivered straight right out to your doorstep. And when the vehicles does need some services from a qualified Ford technician, the company’s various dealers could do that for you.

Tom Arnold is the director for Roush’s alternative fuel products and he shares, “Aside from its superb engineering, this vehicle is right here, right now! It is an alternative fuel vehicle that has an established refueling infrastructure to support it. This vehicle will have a positive impact on reducing emissions and our dependency on foreign oil.”

You can choose different trim levels for this Roush F150 and the list includes the Regular Cab, the Super Crew cab, and the Super Cab.