The Car Geek: Rear Seating has Never Been this Fun

The Car Geek

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rear Seating has Never Been this Fun

These days, it’s not just what kind of engine that’s under the hood of your car, or how fierce your performance parts are. These days, it’s also all about what’s happening in your car, read: how fun will it be to ride your car?

Take for example, Audi. Audi is set to reveal an innovative entertainment system for rear-seat passengers in the A6L at the Shanghai Auto Show (20 - 27 April 2007). And just what is this entertainment exactly? Think two 10.2-inch monitors fitted on the backs of the front seats, plus a DVD player integrated in the centre armrest which also happens to have connections to a games console, your iPod and your digital camera. That’s not all. Together with the TV tuner, the system transforms the luxury-class saloon into a what else, a mobile film theatre, from which sound can be relayed via either the on-board speakers or headphones. Now how fun is that?

The system is available in the A6L, the long-wheelbase version of the Audi A6. But sorry folks, because this one’s built exclusively for the Chinese market where it is frequently used as a chauffeur-driven saloon.

The Audi A6L has set the standard among its competitors in terms of ride comfort and luxury, spaciousness and design since its launch in 2005. The chassis, designed specifically for the road conditions in China, offers outstanding suspension comfort, particularly in conjunction with adaptive air suspension, which is optional. The wheelbase is ten centimetres longer than that of the A6 saloon and gives rear-seat passengers the luxury of a spacious legroom that is exemplary in this vehicle segment. The vehicle’s MMI operating concept also enables straightforward operation of a wide array of functions such as a telephone and audio and navigation systems, as well as a host of other vehicle settings.