The Car Geek: Ovonic Solutions for the Road User

The Car Geek

Friday, April 27, 2007

Ovonic Solutions for the Road User

Here comes a new hydrogen innovation which pertains to a fuel dispenser. Oh yes, the Ovonic hydrogen fuel dispenser is the latest series of refueling systems which is projected for stable installation and has been developed particularly for refueling vehicles equipped with Ovonic on-board metal hydride storage systems.

The fuel dispenser includes all the essential connections, pressure-specific hydrogen, cooling in/out and electrical ground. Don’t fret if you don’t know how it works since it requires little user experience. It also integrates infrared communications for that proper fill assurance. It can accept hydrogen from a range of sources which includes on-site generation. When blended with bulk metal hydride storage, the system could be constructed to spawn hydrogen on-site through water electrolysis utilizing renewable power.

The heart of the storage system is the patented Ovonic on-board storage vessels. These vessels safely amass hydrogen as a solid-state metal hydride at very low pressures. Each vessel is able to hold almost four times the fuel of a similarly sized 50000psig compressed hydrogen tank.

It does sound complicated but these storage vessels is accomplished through thermal integration with the vehicle’s engine cooling parts incorporating Ovonic hydrogen storage into hybrid vehicles is an ideal solution for environmentally cognizant fleet operators. These hydrogen vehicles can be made available today and offer a bridge to the loner-term widespread hydrogen economy. The same technology can be useful for fuel cell vehicles too.

The integrated hydrogen storage system utilizes a proprietary internal heat exchanger for thermal management which uses waste heat from the vehicle engine to protract hydrogen aspects while road driving and an external coolant to reduce refueling time.

These solutions guarantee hassle-free tweaks, significant reduction in CO2 emissions is achieved and convenient driving hours while on the road thanks to Ovonic. It also delivers environmental benefits (to suit all that green-schemed bandwagon) and paves the way toward the hydrogen economy.