The Car Geek: An Off Beamed Lamborghini Alar 777

The Car Geek

Thursday, April 12, 2007

An Off Beamed Lamborghini Alar 777

The supposed car concept of the Lamborghini Alar 777 from the Italian supercar maker’s Argentina distributor is unleashed. Critics and auto analysts have been repressing its guffaw since the styling elements of the Alar 777 exterior parts have gone wide of the mark.

One look at the Lamborghini Alar 777 and it expresses an awe of surprise, and somewhat disdain. Whether its horribly pimped, a fuzzy view on targeting individualists will not get the Alar 777 from point A to Z. The local press in Argentina has ensured the public that the local Lamborghini distributor has indeed launched its own specially tailored kit car of sorts.

The Lamborghini Alar 777 is a rebodied version of the already out-of-date Diablo. The Alar was styled by Joan Ferci whose previous Diablo-based creations involve the Coatl and the Eros GT-1. Under the odd surface style comes the Diablo V12 engine which churns out 700 horses. Ferci claims the Alar blasts off its top acceleration rating 223 miles per hour.

Lamborghini Alar 777 is available at three quarters of a million dollars per production unit. Insiders stated that Alar will be droned out for only a few hundred copies.