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Sunday, April 01, 2007

A More Royal Upgrade

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Who says that the Royals are dumb when it comes to cars? Kate Middleton proved them all wrong. A girl doesn’t only need shimmering diamonds, luxurious jewelries, fabulous shoes nor get-so-glamorous outfits to be fabulous and fashionable. If the Beverly Hills heiress Paris Hilton needs a Jaguar, well I guess the U.K. prince’s girlfriend needs an Audi.

Prince Williams' fiancée Kate Middleton gets a new 1.9 liter Audi A3 to replace her old outdated VW Golf. Definitely, she has a good taste. Prince Charles and Harry both have German cars including the handsome William who owns an Audi S4 saloon. The prince’s love interest may be joining the royals who are quite in love with German cars.

Well, not everyone can afford the Audi A3 for a unit costs more or less $50,000. However, the amount was a little too high according to the British-born babe that she even had doubts on getting one. But according to sources, the prince’s fiancée only paid a nominal amount because of the deal she made with the manufacturer.

The Audi A3 is one among the Audi’s finest. Installed are world class Audi parts that will suit the needs of a high maintenance lifestyle. The new car is just right for her. It is quite a catch, isn’t it?