The Car Geek: The Castagna Aznom

The Car Geek

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Castagna Aznom

Italian coachbuilder Castagna has exposed a custom-bodied two-seater that’s built on a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 chassis. The Aznom supercar made its debut at the 2007 Top Marques Monaco Show. The custom-made car benefits from the Castagna’s refinement and attention to detail, sprinkling elements that blend with the vehicle’s body construction.

Castagna designed the Aznom as one hell of a car, despite the fact that the tooled wheels wouldn’t fit and the brake discs were taped over. Just don’t mind the rough edges that come along with it and the Aznom delivers one fine piece of eye candy.

The Aznom’s exterior car parts features exposed carbon fiber bodywork which stresses the Castagna’s performance. It has an extremely low weight distribution measuring 3,000 pounds all the way. The chassis is the base that frees them from any performance engineering which can largely be upgraded through aftermarket shops. The lines of the car have a more aggressive expression, treating with two fully extended headlights and the rear has gotten the same treatment.

The interior cabin emphasizes an Italian fastback profile (yes, it’s all about the Milanese heritage thanks to Castagna) though it suffers from lack of visibility to the back. It contains snugly heated seats, a communication center with everything from SatNav to full internet access and revamped fighter-jet styling cues. It appears that the roof comes with a removable double-bubble canopy that fits comfortable in the 420-liter boot so practicality becomes top priority. So there you go, just like a convertible this supercar is extremely versatile.

Aznom delivers a top acceleration of 218 mph and projects a zero to 60 mph time zooming to less than 3.4 seconds. The 7.0-liter LS7 has been churned to run on 750 horses and 723 pound-feet of torque and utilizes the Corvette’s six-speed manual transmission.

The custom supercar is announced to be released this May. Pricing will be announced at a later date.