The Car Geek: The Autodelta GT Super Evo

The Car Geek

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Autodelta GT Super Evo

Alfa tuner Autodelta is tapping on Middle Eastern countries with hot cars straight from its tuning house, the first edition of the GT Super Evo. Autodelta declared that it is planning on crafting tailored high-performance variants of the Alfa Spider, the 159 and the 159 Sportwagon for introduction later this year.

Autodelta has commenced in placing a local distribution network in the Persian Gulf region. The GT Super Evo is actually designed for a buyer in Dubai. The vehicle is commissioned by brothers Walid and Wissam Shihabi and is the first fully customized Autodelta program to be finished in the United Arab Emirates. The entire configuration was achieved by Autodelta’s engineering team at Gargash Motors, the official Alfa importer in Dubai.

I guess the GT Super Evo came about as a direct response to customer pressure, pushing the GT Super’s performance envelope further forward while building on supercharging applications.

The new Autodelta GT Super Evo offers increased levels of high-peak prowess. The GT Super Evo’s powertrain parts runs on a Rotrex supercharger to boost output to 341 horsepower and maximum torque to 287 pound-feet. Its top speed is blasts off from zero to 60 mph in a matter of 5.2 seconds. The main change evident to the driver is in the substantial improvement in both mid- and high-range acceleration.