The Car Geek: Another Chery Sporty Concept Released

The Car Geek

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another Chery Sporty Concept Released

The China automaker Chery will be releasing the Shooting Sport Concept at the Shanghai auto show early this week but just before they reveal the new car concept, the company have released the official first photos of the said car model.

The new model is a three door vehicle with its front looks exactly like the Japanese auto maker’s Toyota Prius. Although a concept, the car looks like it will soon be a production vehicle. Well, we just hope to catch the latest news about it to know whether it will be sent on the showrooms.

Well aside from the Prius like exterior, what else is there at the new model? Start it off with abundant white leather found inside the cabin matched on the fancy gauges, yellow mood lighting and green trims complete the whole new look.

The car’s interior is also filled with car parts like the DVD navigation system, some power 8-way seats and 60/40 split back seat are just few among the new parts which, as according to the maker, will be available on its production model.

The car also resembles something that can be European with its hood and badges. Anyway, these are the only specs we got on the new Chery Shooting Sport Concept we all have to watch over for it on the said show I guess. Well, see you there.