The Car Geek: Zipcar and MBTA Teams Up to Increase Commuting Options

The Car Geek

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Zipcar and MBTA Teams Up to Increase Commuting Options

The renowned urban lifestyle brand Zipcar hooked up with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) just recently to declare a multi-faceted conjunction that will expand the Zipcar program to make people live and work car-free in the city. The program is extended to various T locations along the Green, Orange and Red lines. The MBTA is the first transit agency to house vehicles at several transit stations throughout its service area. The transportation authority provides customers services in work, school, medical appointments, entertainment and shopping goals.

The partnership will garner Zipcar location expansions from three to twelve. Currently, a Zipcar is available at Alewife, Forest Hills, JFK/UMass and Savin Hill stations. The next few months will allot 20 more spaces at 8stations along the Red, Orange and Green lines.

More than 24 vehicles at a dozen T stops which include Alewife, Woodland, Riverside, Savin Hill and Forest Hills have allowed residents to depend on commuting while using Zipcars for their trips. Zipcars have also expanded its trace further outside Boston, Quincy, Newton and Braintree for the first time. Also, the partnership constitutes website integration with Zipcar incorporating T maps, locations and details into its new web reservation system as well as cross, in-station co-marketing and a joint venture for the new CharlieCard to riders and tens of thousands of local Zipcar members.

Zipcar and MBTA will inevitably host a launch event at the South Station on which people can learn more about Zipcar as the world’s largest sharing service and the partnership as well as take on several promotions and meet top execs from both Zipcar and MBTA. Since there are high gas costs these days more people are actually considering commuting.

MBTA General Manager Daniel A. Grabauskas remarked that the transportation service is continuously examining methods to improve transportation options while also benefiting the environment. Both the T and Zipcar utilization minimizes traffic congestion and pollution at urban areas and also time-saving and cost-efficient.

More than 550 vehicles are in the Zipcar range allotting 250 locations throughout Greater Boston. Over 40% of its members reported that Zipcar has engaged them to sell or put off purchasing a vehicle while taking the task of public transportation.

Dan Curtin, Regional Vice President for Zipcar enthused that the partnership will reap its benefits since a recent survey of Zipcar members in Boston revealed that 96% regularly ride the T. There are also an increasing number of commuters taking the transit to work and use Zipcars to do their business.

Zipcar is a brand that also takes a stake at being a performance parts lifestyle distributor and provides its customers with hourly and daily access to cool, affordable and conveniently-located vehicles.