The Car Geek: Tiger Trucks to Build First U.S. Plant for Chinese Trucks

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tiger Trucks to Build First U.S. Plant for Chinese Trucks

Tiger Trucks is a private international equity stationed in Dallas Texas. It has been delivering a series of multi-use trucks and vans for of-road capacities right at your doorstep since 1999. Now, in an event where the Tiger Truck owners, Texas Congressman Kevin Brady and other officials from the Texas state, City of Jasper and Jasper County, all together announced the first Assembly Plant that will be placing its ground on U.S. soil for vehicles based on detailed elements by the ChangAn Automobile Group.

Tiger Truck is now a U.S. manufacturer for ChangAn which in China has manufacturing agreements with bigwig leading companies such as Suzuki, Ford and Mazda. Tiger Truck’s big players are thrilled to be investing in the U.S., hiring skilled U.S. personnel and delivering products made in China for the American aftermarket.

Tiger Truck has been the first to produce and build vehicles powered by an automatic transmission or standard shift, 4WD options, electric drive, hybrid drive, limited slip differential and will be the first to deliver genuine "Made in U.S." vehicles with a Chinese signature.

So go get your truck tonneau covers ready since the Jasper facility will assemble two new truck platforms. First platform: they’re the Champ (a full-size pickup truck available in a two-door or four-door cab which will be sold to the U.S. and the Canadian market) and the Leopard (will be embedded with a diesel engine, dual rear wheels and rims and other innovative features). Second platform: it still yet to be named which will be a medium duty truck that will be sold worldwide for on-road use and will also be delivered with an EPA/C.A.R.B. certified diesel engine.

The U.S. plant is a 92-acre site with more than 250,000 square feet of existing indoor manufacturing space with sufficient utilities and a rail spur in the building. The design of the vehicles and the assembly floor layout make it easy to blend arrangements on the line.

This plant will be serving a section of the international marketplace, surrounded with a skilled workforce and automotive expertise to meet many of Tiger Truck’s strategic ploys. Look forward to many of the good things to come from Tiger truck and see for yourself by logging onto:

First vehicles will be released in early 2008.