The Car Geek: The TechArt Porsche GTstreet

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

The TechArt Porsche GTstreet

TechArt, the German tuning specialist, continues to develop a deviation based from the archetypal Porsche 911 Turbo of the 996 model series. It’s even faster than it looks like, based on the 911 Turbo of the recent 997 lineup. The exemplary street-legal sports car unveiled its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show.

It takes Porsche’s legendary powerful engine turning a 3.6-liter twin-turbo flat engine that squeezes out to 630 hp/463 kW at 6,800 rpm up from the standard 480 hp/353 kW. The maximum torque boosts up from 620 Nm to 820 Nm at 4,500 rpm. Its engine conversion (the TechArt TA’s 097/T3) consists of two special VTG turbochargers, new air box with sport air K&N filter, high-performance diversity, intercoolers, high-performance catalysts and stainless-steel sport exhaust parts.

That entire power tune up is breathtaking since the vehicle’s power is transferred to all four wheels by means of a modified transmission with TechArt gear-throw shortening. The techArt also comes with an aero bodykit that offers full downforce, minimized drag and stunning style elements.

The TechArt’s features include retractable carbon-fiber splitter in the front fascia providing radiator, oil coolers and brakes with more cooling air because of the large air inlets. The auxiliary headlamp units with daytime running lights and fog lamps improve active safety. Also the TechArt Gtstreet’s roof spoiler extends the roofline and increases airflow.

TechArt design offers various editions of the Formula wheel in different sizes. Consumers can opt for several color combinations and between the one-piece Formula and the multi-piece Formula II designs (the Formula II wheel features an exchangeable wheel lip).

The TechArt Automobildesign absolutely built one of the fastest sports cars in the speeding range.