The Car Geek: The Tata Elegante

The Car Geek

Friday, March 09, 2007

The Tata Elegante

Most automobile big shots don’t see India as a source of good vehicles but the Indian automaker Tata shows its aptitude when it comes to producing wholesome roadsters. Tata engages a cheap $1,700 car and has been also busy upgrading its midsize family-oriented next-generation models such as the Indigo hatchback and the Indica sedan.

The Elegante concept stressing a prominent snout was first previewed at the Geneva Auto Show and also the first glimpse of Tata in the all-new sedan range. The concept car drives its powertrain parts a mild 1.4-liter to 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. Tata also stated that the possibility of a V6 gas engine and Fiat-based common-rail direct injection turbo diesels are effectual.

Although its production version is not as elegant as it looks like, the Elegante will be introduced later this year as a conceived sedan followed by the hatch edition. Note that these models will be bigger and larger than their predecessors. The Elegante will be a good companion emphasizing versatility and functionality at all times thus Tata is now trying to widen its portfolio. Well, only slight accessorizing is made but so what. Tata knows about product portfolio diversity when it really matters.

There are also various off-roaders and pickup trucks strutting India’s rural areas, all of which are additions to the Indigo/Indica lineup. For instance, there’s the miniscule 1-ton Ace that’s been raiding tracks for quite some time.