The Car Geek: Proteus Jaguar C-Type Coupe Revealed

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Proteus Jaguar C-Type Coupe Revealed

Proteus has been a leader in the field of revamping sports cars such as the Jaguar C-Type. The curvaceous Jaguar’s exterior car parts is splashed in electric blue and it’s not impossible to notice it.

Proteus is also acquired by rival sports-car maker Enduro Cars. Both Proteus and Enduro brands will be represented at the exhibition. It has been sourced that Proteus will be “reserved for fully built, factory-warranted cars and the sale of any other body and chassis units, while the Enduro moniker will be used for the retailing of any separate mechanical components."

Take note that jaguar never made a coupe with the C-type. Though there will be a Proteus one as the specialty carmaker ponders over building a striking half-scale model that will be displayed at Race Retro, the 2007 International Historic Motorsport Show in Coventry. And through it all Proteus will build the real thing.

Proteus recently revealed the artistic notion of the car elaborating that “there will be a Proteus One if the public reacts positively.”

Proteus Chairman Matt Beverley remarked. “Where there has been the choice of both roadster and coupe versions of a sports car (for instance: Jaguar XK120, 140, 150 and E-Type), many have opted for the coupe, if for no other reason than it offers added protection from the elements. It will be very interesting to see people’s reaction to the car Jaguar never built.”

Proteus has a knack for seeing through quality and detail and it’s positive that the Jaguar C-Type Coupe along with its new and innovative Jaguar parts will be quite a stunner.