The Car Geek: Nissan Retrieves McNabb

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Nissan Retrieves McNabb

Nissan swipes McNabb off his feet from Mercedes-Benz as impending decisions have chosen him as head of its Infiniti global brand. McNabb who used to be Mercedes’ vice president of sales will take on the title of head of the Infiniti global business campaign.

Two passing years has left McNabb pining for the Mercedes-Benz auto brand then relocated himself again to Nissan’s Nashville headquarters. During his 20 year career in Nissan’s automotive industry, McNabb served in various sales, marketing and business leadership roles in both North America and Japan. No wonder, his retrieval from Benz allotted Nissan’s valuable business asset.

The plans for how the global business will be operated are not yet completed and finalized though it is still not determined where McNabb and his new team will be located, according to an Infiniti spokesperson.

In addition to other North American function stores and services, its Infiniti stores will be opened in various global locations including Europe, Russia, China and Japan.

For more details and information regarding McNabb and the Infiniti global business, Nissan and Infiniti parts, log onto Nissan’s official website. Well, to Infiniti and beyond!