The Car Geek: Kia’s “Concept i” in time for April fool’s Day

The Car Geek

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kia’s “Concept i” in time for April fool’s Day

Who knew that Kia people have such a sense of humor? It’s advertisement on its self-build concept car, dubbed as “Kia unveils groundbreaking self-build CAR with ‘Concept i’” just shows a heap of boxes. Some may wonder if Kia’s porch light turned off too soon but it’s supposed to elaborate an April fool’s Day prank in which the last line of the release states: An on-sale date and pricing is yet to be announced by the Korean company, but it currently has no i Kia.”

So there’s no “Concept i” after all. Though there are much-debated speculations about the intriguing car wringing to be in the works. If there is, the DIY Kia parts would be equipped with “a selection of existing powertrains from the recently launched CEE’d, including the popular 1.6-liter turbodiesel.” Transmission options also range between a four-speed automatic to a six-speed manual gearbox.

According to Kia, the car’s inspiration comes from an innovative “flat-pack furniture” that the customer builds at his or her very own garage. An Allen wrench is all that’s needed to put together the vehicle (that’s also included in the kit).

The supposed warranty states that it will vary according to the skill level of the customer. Yes, all his time there’s a catch to its ploy.

“A questionnaire can reveal how adept they are at building the car,” that’s in accordance to a Kia statement.

The Kia “Concept i” will deliver a few guffaws and giggles along the way – if you get the whole shaggy dog story.