The Car Geek: Hyundai’s New Luxury Sedan

The Car Geek

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hyundai’s New Luxury Sedan

The next new premium sedan from Hyundai will be the Concept Genesis. The Hyundai Motor Company announced recently that the new concept sedan will provide a stepping stone toward a future premium rear-wheel-drive sedan. Knowing the Hyundai group, they will be good with their words.

Hyundai's growth in the U.S. market has led the Korean company to commission a new luxury sedan that will fit above the current Azera range. Come to think of it, the styling of the Concept Genesis is similar to the current Azera as seen in the concept’s rear fascia. Unfortunately, only few details have been given out about the Concept Genesis but its existence offers no kind of concealment.

There are several prototypes that have been caught testing over the past year such as the prototype testing in the California desert which is likely to become the production version of the Concept Genesis. Each one indeed exposes a little more about the new Hyundai concept that’s going to cost a sturdy sum of $30K-$35K.

It has muscular proportions prior to its trimmed outline, riding on a 116-inch wheelbase. A V8 engine was rumored to be embedded in its powertrain but a prototype caught with its hood open reveals a V6 driving the rear wheels. Don’t get confused since Hyundai knows what its doing.

The cabin's features burbles over dashes of wood trim and center console. Leather trim covers are stitched everywhere with the backseat's appearance offer a roomy interior.

Sources have claimed that the production version of the Concept Genesis will have a competitive edge especially with its costs as it will offer a significant list of features and other technological innovations.