The Car Geek: Hyundai i30 And Crossover SUV Concept Coming To Geneva

The Car Geek

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hyundai i30 And Crossover SUV Concept Coming To Geneva

Hyundai i30

We all have been waiting for the opening of the most awaited car oriented event of the year. And our waiting would soon be over for the Geneva Auto Show would be unlocking its doors this week. More car makers are promising to bring out their latest designs, concepts and production vehicles to the show to display.

Almost all car makers will be revealing their new vehicles. Like the Korean automaker Hyundai which will take the wraps off its newest crossover SUV on the upcoming Auto Show - the 2007 Hyundai crossover concept. The new vehicle has been developed using the latest technology and advanced materials in making eco-friendly cars. The car is also expecting to set a new standard for pedestrian impact testing. Teasers of the new car have already been circulating the World Wide Web even before makes its debut in Geneva.

The Korean will not only reveal its crossover SUV concept, but they will also unveil the Hyundai i30 for the first time. This vehicle is a new C-segment hatchback and it is codenamed FD. It was taken from the Arneis concept which was revealed last September at the Paris Exhibition. The new vehicle is said to be exclusively produced for the European market and it will be on sale coming later this year. Both the Crossover SUV Concept and the i30 are filled with powerful powertrain parts under the hood and come equipped with more quality Hyundai parts for a safer and tuned up driving.