The Car Geek: Foot & Ankle Trauma Because of Air Bags?

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Foot & Ankle Trauma Because of Air Bags?

foot and ankle trauma

It has been found out that the numbers of people who suffer from foot and ankle trauma after being in auto accidents is continuously increasing. And when the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (or the ACFAS) did a study on this, these experts did find out that it is because of the air bags.

It was back in the year 1998 when the government had started out that requirement that vehicles should have dual front air bags. And it was during that time that the people from ACFAS started noting the gradual increase of injuries on the foot and the ankle. And it seems to be backed up by a federal report which said that drivers of these vehicles which came equipped with air bags were suffering from such injuries. It also does look like there are more than 17,600 people who suffer such per year with a third of this having the pains coming mostly from their feet or ankles.

Feet and ankle injuries may not be fatal but it can be quite uncomfortable for those suffering from it. People who have it would most likely have to go through physical therapy as well as rehab. And that could be costly.

James L. Thomas, DPM, FACFAS, is the president of ACFAS and on this matter, he states, “We see trauma we never saw before. A decade ago, these patients would have died from head trauma or other upper body injuries. Now, thanks to seat belts and air bags, they survive.” Thomas is also a surgeon for foot and ankle trauma at the University of Alabama and the Birmingham Hospital.

He even does continue, “Many patients who suffer foot and ankle trauma in an auto crash - with or without air bags - face a long road to recovery.” But there seems to be good news. He shares, “But the good news is, many patients do recover and lead a normal active lifestyle.”