The Car Geek: Fantastic Four Gets Dodge HEMI As Super Hero Ride

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fantastic Four Gets Dodge HEMI As Super Hero Ride


You are maybe mistaken. This is neither the Bat Mobile nor Kitt from the Night Rider. I am talking about the new super car for the Fantastic Four movie. Yup, finally they will have their very own car and its coming from Dodge. The film was a follow up from its 2005 debut Fantastic Four.

It is neither a Ferrari nor a Lamborghini. The new supercar is powered by a Dodge HEMI which will be the official car for our four superheroes - the Fantastic Four. This Fantasticar will be running on a powerful speed of 550 mph and 30,000 feet. Filled with Dodge parts, the new car will soon rock the theaters near you.

The super car has been a part of the Fantastic Four since its comic release in 1962 and coming on theaters this summer. The Fantasticar was made into reality by Tim Flattery from the Transformers in collaboration with the Chrysler Group’s Trevor Creed, as the chief stylist under the brand name Dodge HEMI. The car breaks into three parts on the movie.

The Fantasticar also has wings and these are not the same as those found on any Dodge HEMI.

The latest movie is about the four heroes who are defending the earth against the evil plans of the Silver Surfer and the shockingly alive Dr. Doom (oh yes, he is!). The new super hero movie will be opening this June 15. We’ll see you at the theaters.