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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Unique Car Cover

Jonathan Gitelson’s Car Project

You might be more interested in the cover of Jonathan Gitelson's car rather than what's underneath it. You see, his car cover is truly unique. And with his creativity, he came up with the idea of putting all his flyers together to make a one of a kind car cover.

He had begun collecting leaflets and flyers after being annoyed by the heaps of these pieces of paper that almost covered the entire Honda parts of his interior. And almost every morning, he opens his 1999 Honda Civic DX only to find out that the flyers from shows, restaurants and clubs are almost filling his husky liners. So instead of considering it as pieces of junk and trash, he came up with a better idea that will make use of these flyers into something functional and, well, weird at the same time. But it is brilliant idea, isn't it?

The Chicago artist had collected a massive ton of these flyers and leaflets for his "Car Project". He spent three long months sewing up these flyers together and in the process creating a huge car cover.

Gitelson parks his Honda on a club in Chicago and took some photos of it. The car cover will also be seen draping a metal sculpture modeled on the Honda Civic DX's frame. I saw this car cover only on the net but I guess it is better looking in real life.