The Car Geek: Tulsa Ford dealerships unite

The Car Geek

Friday, February 09, 2007

Tulsa Ford dealerships unite

Tulsa's two Lincoln Mercury dealerships have been consolidated yesterday. But mind you, it doesn’t have anything to do with the Ford Motor Company’s last year’s scrapes since decisions have been promptly made already.
“We made the decision to consolidate. It's something we're pretty excited about." Bill Knight, president of United Ford in Tulsa, said. Sure, the company opts for the quirky campaign to show to the public that they have their own choice whether to like it or not instead of telling them why they should like it. The only unfortunate aspect of the move is the timing, given the automaker's ongoing reorganization. Last year it would either seal or fuse hundreds of Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealerships across the country under a restructuring plan. The company also announced last week that its $12.7 billion loss in 2006 was the worst ever for the 103-year-old company (yikes!). So this is some strategy employed by the company I’m sure. The Lincoln Mercury Volvo dealership and its Volvo parts at 4111 S. Memorial Drive will remain in operation in Tulsa. United Ford South is now operating at the same address as Jaguar of Tulsa, and Ford was supportive of that move. But Jaguar sales and service will not be pooled together with Ford operations. Ford realized that Jaguar customers want to feel exclusive since it’s a luxury car brand. But no matter what the impact of their ploy is, let's hope Ford Motors will be having a bright future minus the losses.