The Car Geek: Saturn Unveils New Cars At Chicago Auto Show

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Saturn Unveils New Cars At Chicago Auto Show

2008 Saturn Prevue

Saturn may not be that well known compared to other brands and companies in the industry like Ford, GM or Chrysler, or those companies which make Hypertech programmers or anything of the like. But it does look like Saturn has already been in the business for 17 years already and it still is counting more years.

And at the 2007 Chicago Auto Show, the brand took the curtains off some of the newest vehicles in its range. In fact, officials from Saturn have spoken and they have informed the auto industry that their portfolio now holds vehicles that have been totally refurbished and have been given facelifts.

Among those unveiled at the mentioned auto show is the new Saturn Sky Roadster. This one has been created to be a convertible holding two seats. Analysts in the market say that the vehicle is directly maimed at the younger buyers who are looking for something sporty and very trendy to drive around town.

And if you are one of those customers looking for a good hybrid, then maybe you would like to consider the new Saturn hybrid SUV which comes with four seats. You not only would be getting a great SUV but you also would be saving much on fuel.

There are three more vehicle line ups unveiled under the Saturn brand. You may want to visit the brand’s showroom at the auto show to take a real good look at what indeed do they have to offer.

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