The Car Geek: Domestic or Foreign Car Brands?

The Car Geek

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Domestic or Foreign Car Brands?


“When you purchased your last car, did you consider whether your car was American or foreign made?” This was one of the most interesting questions asked at the recently concluded research handled by An independent firm asks more than a thousand of respondents this question. And yes, the respondents had been carefully selected. The survey started last January 27 and has a sampling error of plus or minus 3%, with a 95% level of confidence. Going back to the question, most of the respondents reacted truthfully. Well, of course they did. And by doing such, they also did give accuracy to the research. A large percentage or 49.9% of the whole lot, almost half of the respondents say that it didn’t matter if they bought an American vehicle or a foreign-made one. Meaning they didn’t care whether the car was built in other foreign countries or if it was created in the US. And only 32.5% admitted that they still prefer to buy cars from the American auto makers and only 17.5%, who preferred foreign automakers. Another important matter was asked on the survey. The question asked about which important factors came into the car-buying decision. Of course, undeniably, price ranked no. 1 with 88.1% followed by a surprising fuel efficiency scoring a 75.9%, and safety on the third notch with 69.2%. What about you? Anyway, if you looking for K&N filters or Extang BlackMax online stores got them all just for you.