The Car Geek: BlueTraks Introduces BT-211 Hands-Free Car Kit

The Car Geek

Thursday, February 22, 2007

BlueTraks Introduces BT-211 Hands-Free Car Kit

Ah, the emergence of car technologies likes BlueTraks. It introduces its BT-211 Hands-Free Car Kit – a hands free car system that incorporates the 4 most popular infotainment functions in one unit. The BlueTraks BT-211 is the first product to set itself apart from all other hands-free car kit manufacturers.

A number of aftermarket consumers are providing their cars with plug-in gadgets to add an iPod; satellite radio and satellite navigation (talk about high-tech!). The only problem is these mobile systems are independent of each other and working these gizmos adds another level of driver difficulty and distraction.

The product BT-211 features hands-free Bluetooth communication and iPod command control. It uses a high 4.2” resolution touch screen color display, a hard-wired interface to the vehicle’s auto body parts like the communication bus system and to the factory stereo amplifier. At a touch, the BT-211 mutes the audio system inside the vehicle and will listen to the driver say the name or number they wish to call, request phone status or lookup a name to call from their cell phonebook (now that’s what I call instant gratification). It will also mute the audio system when an incoming call is received.

There are more additional features though. The Satellite Radio Ready and GPS Navigation will be installed by mid-2007. The BT-211 is designed to be installed to give the look and feel of a factory installed product meaning that the 4 most popular doodads to the audio junkies are “all-in-one unit”.

BlueTraks Inc. sure knows how to boost a vehicle’s confidence thanks to its integrated Bluetooth wireless technology. You can enjoy your mobile systems squeezed in one whole device.