The Car Geek: Small Cars Fare Poorly in IIHS Crash test

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Small Cars Fare Poorly in IIHS Crash test

Small Cars Fare Poorly in IIHS Crash test - Honda Fit For the first time, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has tested the smallest vehicles sold in the US market, now very popular because of the high prices of fuel.

The cars were rated in terms of occupant protection in front, side, and rear crashes. The Nissan Versa earns good ratings in all three tests. Two other cars earn good ratings in front and side but not rear tests.

Crash test results showed which vehicles in each weight category afford the best protection in real-world crashes, and this round of tests reveals big differences among the smallest cars. But results of real crashes show that any car that's very small and light isn't the best choice in terms of safety. Driver death rates in minicars are higher than in any other vehicle category. They're more than double the death rates in midsize and large cars.

"People traveling in small, light cars are at a disadvantage, especially when they collide with bigger, heavier vehicles. The laws of physics dictate this," says Institute president Adrian Lund. Death rates in single-vehicle crashes also are higher in smaller vehicles than in bigger ones.

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