The Car Geek: The New 3 door BMW 1-Series for 2007

The Car Geek

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The New 3 door BMW 1-Series for 2007

The BMW 1-Series is often referred to as the "fugly little car". Well, according to most of the Europeans. However, the experience does not affect the company's production of this vehicle. You see, for many years, Europeans have gotten into Bavarian Motorwerks products and it is all because of the Bimmer.

The company decided to change the look of the famous BMW 1-Series for the year 2007. The new car is added with some new BMW parts like a larger twin-kidney grille that comes with revised lower front spoiler. It will be introduced to a three-door model plus a fuel saving system on selected models.

The new technology includes the regenerative braking technology that was first unveiled when the new 5-Series was released. Aside from using the conventional method of having the alternator put a constant drain on the car's engine, various new methods were employed so as to recharge the battery. This method allows the owner to save up the battery life by up to 3%.

The new three door model is paired with the 265-hp inline-six in the 130i model. The car is even faster because of its lighter doors. It also has the rare brand shoehorns six cylinders beneath its bonnet, so probably, Americans would prefer it rather that the MINI.

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