The Car Geek: Lincoln Mercury Plans a New Logo

The Car Geek

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lincoln Mercury Plans a New Logo

The Lincoln Mercury is planning to change its logo into a newer and more retro one. Instead of focusing much on the issues like the volatile price and supply of oil, economy teetering between robust growth and rampant inflation and worldwide strife, the car company is instead planning to change its "waterfall" stylized M logo.

Well, as per its fans reaction on this, they are so excited to see the "Winged Messenger" back on the market. Lincoln is trying to get the Mercury a better appearance merely by getting the product right instead of shifting on the marketing plan. I guess they don't have plans to change some of its car parts.

If you have the car, well you can get a local airbrush artist to do up a hood-size mural of your favorite Mercury logo in "screaming chicken" fashion. You can have it fixed from its waterfall design to the latest logo plan.

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