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Monday, January 08, 2007

Honda Accord: Hybrid No More

As hybrids have now become quite so expensive, car enthusiasts are now looking back to using diesel engines and diesel cars and vehicles once again. Car makers are also now busy building new cars that use diesel engines. First on the list of car manufacturers working on more diesel cars and vehicles is Volkswagen and it just recently announced its new TDI.

Honda also seems to be joining in the bandwagon and according to Peter Nunn, Winding Road's roving reporter, the company will have its first diesel application to the Accord sedan which would be coming on sale this 2009. The sedan will be replacing the Honda Accord Hybrid including some of its Honda parts.

Honda promises an ultra clean 2.2 - 2.4 liter four cylinder engine that will meet the world highest and toughest emission standards. Like Volkswagen, Honda is also opting to meet the California's Tier II / Bin 5 standard.

Also according to Nunn's report, the Honda Accord Hybrid will be out after the release of the Accord Diesel. The upcoming model is packed with four-cylinder plus an out going hot-rod V6. So, if you are into cars with more power but is economical, then the Honda Accord Diesel is for you. Plus, Honda is planning to use diesel V6 engine and this engine will first be used in the Ridgeline before being disseminated across the company's lineup of vans and SUVs.

Honda is opening its door to a new technology that will develop new diesel engines which would not only be environment-friendly but would also be budget-friendly.

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