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Friday, January 26, 2007

An Aqua Car on eBay

Ever heard of a vehicle that can function in water? Well, in my browsing through the net looking for new Chrysler parts, I accidentally clicked my way to eBay and found out about the Aqua Car.

We are not sure about how safe this car is but according to the inventors, this car is a very interesting vehicle and is the result of a $250,000 investment in hopes of creating a seaworthy car-boat.

The Aqua Car is empowered by a 2.8-liter Chevrolet V6 engine. And this nautical misfit has a four-wheel steering. And, yes, there is actually room for two passengers. The car is made up of and made to be a stainless-steel machine which apparently relies on jet propulsion in the water. It also comes complete with a fish finder for those seeking out musky and trout catch.

The auction on eBay did not put much specification on the vehicle however the car needs some parts like windshield wipers and keys. Plus, the new car has Ford Aerostar tail lamps in use.

The car is available in Florida, in which you need to pick it up yourself if you want it. While it's a no-reserve auction, the starting bid is set at $9,999.99.

I guess you need to know some of its important details before you purchase it. Anyway, I'll just go back to my search for those elusive parts that I want.