The Car Geek: GM set to promote new hybrids

The Car Geek

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

GM set to promote new hybrids

General Motors is reportedly planning a marketing push to promote its hybrid vehicles and other fuel-saving technologies.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the effort is part of a strategy to lift the automaker's image as a leader in automotive technology. GM is said to be hoping to use some of the money it will save from closing plants and cutting jobs this year to accelerate development of hybrids, hydrogen fuel cells and other technologies.

GM is reportedly working on a next-generation hybrid car that can be recharged by house electricity. Such "plug in" hybrids can run much longer on batteries alone, improving mileage even more than current hybrids.

GM is also expected to preview some new sport-utility vehicles that use a conventional hybrid powertrain and are due to be launched next year or in 2008.

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